Matthew Elder Meek - Grandfather of Nora Emily Linton


Towns of :  Canton - New Berlin / North Canton - Wooster
Counties of:  Stark - Wayne - Columbiana

A Photographic Scrapbook Of Our Family History 

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Eastern NY




Harry E. Linton - Father of Nora Emily Linton

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  1. House in abt 1907 versus house in 2001.
  2. House with front porch.
  3. Road in front of house in abt 1907 versus 2001
  4. Lake-O-Springs park in 1929
  5. Aerial photo of Lake-O-Springs park in 1931
  6. Winter Scene at W.L. Brown's Lake-O-Springs house
  7. Will L. Brown at Gross Farm, 1907
  8. Eulice Jeffery and Kingsley Brown with ice boat
  9. Marion Brown playing 'dress-up', circa 1913
  10. The Brown's vegetable garden at Lake-O-Springs
  11. 1920 Photo of Lake "O" Springs
  12. Ruth Brown (nee Kimble) at the Brown's 'Uncle Sam' mailbox, 1920s.
  13. Hatchet used by W.L. Brown - Dated 1927

Background Information:  After W.L. Brown and family left Versailles, NY, they moved into a new home located west of New Berlin, Ohio. The name New Berlin was changed to North Canton during WWI. Their house was at the SW corner of the NW Quarter of Section 14, Twp. 11, Range 9 (Jackson Township), Stark County, Ohio.  As shown in 1910 Federal census, Will originally rented this house. In fact, Will and his family were the first occupants of the house and, according to Mildred (Middie) Young, Will lived for a short while with his neighbours, the Youngs, while he was waiting for his rental house to be competed. The landlords were William H. and Ellen S. Braucher.  In 1916, these landlords sold the house and 2.5 acres of land (165' frontage by 660' deep) to Will Brown.   In 1920, Will sold the rear 165' to Marshall F. Clay for $100.  Mr. Clay and his brother Frank Clay, built a dam, flooding part of this small parcel along with other land they had assembled, thereby creating the present lake known as Lake O'Springs. When first built it was known as Lake "O" Springs and Lake-O-Springs. This lake did not exist in its present form in 1906.  Will Brown's wife, Maude, died in 1929 and in 1936, Will sold the house and land to Marshall F. Clay and Libbie A. Clay.

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House in abt 1907 versus 2001. The picture presented on the left below was taken in approximately 1907 and shows the north and west (the front) sides of the house.  The woman laying in the grass along the right side of the road is Alta Jeffrey, the sister-in-law of Mrs. Maude Brown (nee Jeffrey). The front door of the house was located at approx. Lat 40 52.277' N and Long 81 27.621' W (WGS-84 Datum).  The "X", marked "Gas Sta." on the 1907 photo, indicates the location of a small building at Gross Farm where W.L. Brown worked as a telegrapher for the East Ohio Gas Company.  It was located at approximately Lat 40 51.821' N and Long 81 27.779' W (WGS-84 Datum).  This makes it a just over a half a mile from the house (actually, 2,860 feet in a straight line distance) at a bearing of 194.7 true.  Will Brown would have had to walk slightly further to get to work, since he would presumably have followed the road. The picture on the right is of the same house taken in May, 2001.  It shows the south side of the house. The front, or west side, is behind the power poles.  A tornado struck the area around 3:00 PM EDT on Sunday, April 28, 2002, toppling the large trees around the house and removing many pieces of slate from the roof.   It seems likely that the house will be demolished before the end of 2002. 
Will L. Brown residence - abt 1907 Former W.L. Brown residence - as of May 2001

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A front porch was built on to the house at one point and then later removed.
Lake-O-Springs house with front porch

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Road in abt 1907 versus 2001.  The picture on the left, below, is a view looking south along what is now Lake-O-Springs Road, taken from the top of the hill in front of the W.L. Brown house.  It was also taken in approx. 1907.  The little square structure on the horizon, near the center of the picture is the Gas Company telegraphy building. The picture on the right is the view looking south along Lake-O-Springs Road, taken from a spot directly in front of the former W.L. Brown house, that is about 50 yards north of the location where the picture on the left was taken.  The lens used for this picture also had a slightly longer focal length than the lens used for the above picture; that is, this picture has a wee bit of a telephoto effect as compared to the 1907 picture.  Because of all the trees, it is difficult to tell that the area at the foot of the hill and to the right of the road (the field in the 1907 picture) has all been developed into estate lots with quality residential homes.
1907 picture of the road now known as Lake-O-Springs Road Lake-O-Springs Road in May 2001
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This 1929 photo shows Lake-O-Springs park as it looked when viewing it from the backyard of the W.L. Brown house. The photograph is looking in an approximately easterly direction.
Lake-O-Springs park in 1929
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This aerial photograph was taken on 1931-05-03 from an aerial location about midway between the W.L. Brown house and the park.  According to Mildred Mohler (nee Young), this photograph was taken by Clyde Butler, a Jackson Twp. resident who flew his own airplane and did free lance aerial photography.
Aerial photp of Lake-O-Springs park, 1931-05-03
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This is a winter scene at the house of W.L. Brown at Lake-O-Springs.  This photograph was probably taken in the late 1920s.
Winter Scene at the house of W.L. Brown at Lake-O-Springs
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This building at Gross Farm was where Will L. Brown (shown in photo) operated the telegraph for the East Ohio gas company.  This building was about 1/2 mile south of the Brown home.
Will Brown telegraph operator at Gross Farm; photo 1907. Will L. Brown at East Ohio Gas Company's Gross Farm Station
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Eulice Jeffrey (center of picture) working on building an ice boat with his nephew Kingsley Brown at the Brown's home at Lake-O-Springs, Jackson Twp, Stark County, Ohio. The back of the upper-left photo is marked in the handwriting of Marion Brown (nee Erbland) as follows: "Ice Boat made by Kingsley Brown and Uncle Eulice Jeffrey / Lake O Springs Ohio / Eulice in center picture. He, son of Stephen Jeffrey, brother of Maud Jeffrey Brown."  That is, Eulice Ray Jeffrey was the brother of Maud Brown (nee Jeffrey). According to the 1920 journal of Eulice's brother-in-law aand Maude's husband, Will Brown, Eulice and his family arrived for a visit on December 8, 1920 and Eulice and Kingsley were building the ice boat on December 10 & 11, 1920.  According to the journal, Eulice ("Eulie") and his family left on December 15th.  The back of the lower-left photo is marked "Ice boat owned by The "Browns" at N. Canton, Ohio  Dec 1920 - Runners and Rudder not attached".  That handwriting is thought to Eulice Ray Jeffrey's.  In another handwriting, the following note is also on the back of the picture "Made by Eulice Jeffrey and nephew Kingsly Brown".  That handwriting is thought to belong to Marion Erbland (nee Brown), Kingsley's sister.

Eulice Jeffrey and his nephew, Kingsley Brown, making ice boat at Lake-O-Springs in December, 1920. Ice boat built in December, 1920 by Eulice Jeffrey and his nephew, Kingsley Theodore Brown.
Ice boat built in December, 1920 by Eulice Jeffrey and his nephew, Kingsley Theodore Brown.

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Marion Brown is shown here playing dress-up at the Brown home near lake-O-Springs.  This photo is probably circa 1913.  Marion's son Mardon (me) asked his mother (Marion) about this picture with the thought that there was some 'big story' behind it.  Instead, Marion said that she was only dressed this way as part of a kids 'dress-up' game and there was nothing more to it than that.  This scan is from a colored photocopy of a hand-tinted photograph. The tinting was probably done by Marion's brother, Terry, years after the photograph was taken. Terry was very involved in amateur photography.
Marion Brown playing 'dress-up', circa 1913
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This vegetable garden of Will Brown's was located near the Brown house at Lake-O-Springs.  This photograph was probably taken in the 1920s.
Vegetable garden of Will Brown at Lake-O-Springs
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This Lake "O" Springs photo was taken by Eulice Ray Jeffrey in December 1920 from near the home of the Will L. Brown family. Eulice was visiting the family of his sister, Maude Brown (nee Jeffrey).
Photo of Lake "O" Springs, taken in December, 1920, by Eulice Jeffrey
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Ruth Kimble at the Brown's mailbox at Lake-O-Springs. Ruth was b. 1894, d. 20-MAY-1990, and married Terry Brown on 10-JUN-1922.  Marion Erbland (nee Brown) mentioned this mailbox to me (her son Mardon) several times during our discussions about Lake-O-Springs.  I had the impression that Marion really liked it. 
Ruth Brown (nee Kimble) at the Brown's mailbox, Lake-O-Springs
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This hatchet belonged to Will Lincoln Brown.  It bears the inscription "W.L.B. 1927".  This photograph was taken on 27-NOV-2003 by Will Brown's grandson, Mardon Erbland.  Presumably Will used this hatchet in the pursuit of one of his favourite pastimes, that of making walking canes.
Will Lincoln Brown's hatchet bearing the inscription, "W.L.B. 1927"
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