Matthew Elder Meek - Grandfather of Nora Emily Linton


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Harry E. Linton - Father of Nora Emily Linton

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  1. Harry E. Linton
  2. Nora Emily Linton - c. 1898
  3. Nora Linton & Young Ladies Bible Class, Buckingham Mission, 1896
  4. Nora Linton and Helen Bostick
  5. Harry Linton with group of people
  6. John Gaylord Erbland, Harry Linton and Hilda Erbland 
  7. Nora Linton with a group of people and some books


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Harry E. Linton (his registered name was "Henry") was born 21-JUL-1853 in Sheffield England. His parents were William Frederick Linton (b. 1815) and his wife Ellen (b. 1815 - nee Brown). At the time of the 1841 census, William and Ellen Linton and family were living on Furnival St. (backside)  within Enumeration District 15 of Sheffield South. According to 1841 and 1851 census data, Harry's siblings included: George (b. 1834), Frederick (b. 1836), Ann (b. 1838), Emily (b. 1840), William (b. 1843), Edwin (b. 1845), James (b. 1848) and Ellen (b. 1850). All of the foregoing were born in the County of York, West Riding. His siblings birthdates are from census entries and therefore approximate to +/- 1 year. Ellen Linton (nee Brown), arrived in New York on 20-OCT-1862 aboard the vessel Adelaide, accompanied by her sons Henry and William and daughter Emily (Emely).  Harry Linton died 19-MAR-1930 in Pensacola Florida.  He married Sarah A. Meek 28-NOV-1878 at Canton, Stark County, Ohio.  Their daughter, Nora Linton, was born 24-DEC-1880 and she eventually married Charles Samuel Erbland.  Sarah died 12-APR-1881 and Harry remarried to Kate Rex Dillon 30-OCT-1883.  Donald Erbland told me (Mardon Erbland, Donald's son) that his grandfather, Harry Linton, was involved in the cutlery business and always had lots of fancy knives around him. According to the Directory of the City of Canton for the year 1884-85, Harry E. Linton and his brothers, William and Edward (born Edwin), were all involved in the cutlery business in Canton.  According to newspaper accounts, it was referred to as the "Linton Bros. cutlery works". One of the sons of William Linton was Ralph H. Linton, who in 1920 was "Manager" at a cutlery company in Tidioute Pennsylvania.  This occupation appears in the 1920 census, Roll=T625_1657, Pennsylvania, Warren County, Tidioute, ED# 172.  By 1920, the Tidioute Cutlery Co. had long-since changed names and moved to Cattaraugus County NY, so the name of the company where Ralph H. Linton worked in Tidioute is unknown. Harry and his brothers, William and Edwin, were principles in the founding of the Canton Cutlery Co.  According to the Canton City Directory for the years 188384, 188485 and 1899, Harry was first Supt. then Manager of The Canton Cutlery Co. I (Mardon Erbland) recall that Harry's grandson, Donald Erbland, often said to me how Harry's interest in the cutlery business had a connection with the famous Sheffield Steel of Harry's birthplace. The 1841 Census for Sheffield South shows that the occupation of Harry's father, William Frederick Linton, was "pen knife grinder".  The original of the upper left photograph is a tin-type.  It appears that the cheeks were hand-colored.
Harry E. Linton - Father of Nora Emily Linton Harry E. Linton, father of Nora Emily Linton
Harry E. Linton at Middle Age Harry Linton in his old age

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Nora Emily Linton, age about 18 years. She was born in Canton, Ohio on 24-DEC-1880 and died 06-MAR-1912 in Canton. She married Charles Samuel Erbland on 16-MAY-1901. The stamp in the lower left of the source photo is actually pressed into the cardboard on which the photo is printed. The stamp reads, "A. VIGNOS CANTON, OHIO." Augustus Vignos was also involved in the cutlery business in Canton.

Nora Emily Linton - About 1898
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1896 Young Ladies Bible Class, Buckingham Mission, Canton Ohio. Nora Linton is sitting at the extreme right of the front row.  Ida Meek is sitting at the left hand of the man in the center (to his right as you look at the picture).  Ida Meek was actually Ida Detimore, having been taken in to the Meek household and raised as a daughter after Ida's parents perished in a house fire.  Ida was never legally adopted, although she was raised as a "Meek" and is listed in the 1880 census as Mathew's "adopted daughter".
1896 Young Ladies Bible Class, Buckingham Mission, Canton Ohio
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L to R:  Nora Linton and Helen Bostick is written on the back of the source image.  Nora Linton's mother had a sister, Kathryn (known as "Kate") Bostick (nee Meek).  We have no proof but suspect that Helen was Kate's daughter, which would make Nora and Helen 1st cousins.
Nora Linton and Helen Bostick.  Nora Linton's mother had a sister, Kathryn (known as "Kate") Bostick (nee Meek).  It is suspected that Helen was Kate's daughter.
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Harry Linton and a group of people posed before the steps of house number "620" (street unknown).  Harry is the man in the front row between the two women. Notice that the man on the right of the front row is holding a horse shoe.
Harry Linton with a group of people
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John Gaylord Erbland, Harry E.Linton (grandfather) and Hilda Erbland.  Harry Linton was the father of Nora Linton, John and Hilda's mother. Photo was probably taken about 1908.
John Erbland, Harry Linton and Hilda Erbland
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Nora Linton is in the middle row on the left. The image is circa 1900.  Nora Linton was born 24-DEC-1880. The names appearing in the list on the reverse side of the source photo seem to be the following but this is probably not exactly correct, since some names are not very legible: Sema Griswill, Ethel Stinmil, Nora Linton, Don Stianner, Marie Killen, Edith Killian and Edith Carnes. There are only 7 names listed, even though there are 8 people in the photo. The nature of this group is not known. 
Nora Linton and a group of people with books
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