Matthew Elder Meek - Grandfather of Nora Emily Linton


Towns of :  Canton - New Berlin / North Canton - Wooster
Counties of:  Stark - Wayne - Columbiana

A Photographic Scrapbook Of Our Family History 

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Harry E. Linton - Father of Nora Emily Linton

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  1. Zelma Loeppke  c. 1930
  2. Rev. M.M. Sweeny
  3. Kathryn Klauser
  4. Ruth and Hayward Morehead, c. 1923
  5. Almeda Miller, c. 1925
  6. 1923 Graduating Class of the Canton Actual Business College
  7. Group at Amusement Park, circa 1923
  8. Bobby Teague

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Zelma Loeppke - The reverse side of the source photo reads, "Selma Leoppke, April 10th, 1927". Zelma is shown in the 1910 census of Enumeration District 177 of Canton, Stark County, Ohio,. as living with Jacob and Rosalie Loeppke at 338 Center St.  She seems to be listed as their granddaughter, although the writing in the census is not completely legible, so this relationship should be consider speculative. She is also listed as age 2 in the 1910 census. Jacob and Rosalie were the parents of Anna Loeppke, who was the second wife of Charles Erbland
Zelma Loeppke, circa 1930
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Rev. M.M. Sweeny is marked on the reverse side of this photo. The photographer shown at the bottom of the frame is: "Ralph Mineart, 241 Fifth Ave.. Pittsburg, & Bellevue, Pa."  Given the location of this photographer, it is thought that Rev. Sweeny may have had some connection with the family of Terry Brown's wife, Ruth Kimble, whose family lived in New Kensington, Pa.
Rev. M. M. Sweeny
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Kathryn Klauser is shown on the porch of this house.  The reverse side of the source photo reads, "Kathryn Klauser, So Main Street, North Canton  Ohio".  The image shown here of Kathryn is just a higher resolution close-up taken from the larger image.  The connection of this person with the Erbland and/or Brown families is unknown.  The photograph was in with the Erbland/Brown family photos.
 Kathryn Klauser at house on So Main Street, North Casnton, OhioKathryn Klauser
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Ruth and Hayward Morehead.  The reverse side of the source image reads "Ruth and Hayward Morehead". Ruth (b. 3-SEP-1920) and Hayward (b. 8-APR-1919) were the only 2 children of Samuel (Sam) and Nina (nee Anirah Anges Brown) Morehead.  Nina was the daughter of A. Jay and Marion Alice (nee Brown) Hayward, who was Will L. Brown's sister.
Ruth and Hayward Moorehead, circa 1923
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Almeda Miller circa 1925.  The reverse side of the image on the left reads "Almeda Miller-Shorb, 13th street Canton Ohio". Almeda Miller was enumerated at 1247 Shorb Ave. NW in the 1920 census.  The reverse side of the image on the right reads, "Ruth Kimble Brown (this name is struck out) This may not be Ruth but Almeda Miller. According to Marion Brown Erbland. Marion roomed with Miss Miller for a while". Almeda's appearance is very similar to what Ruth Brown (nee Kimble) looked like later in life, so that is why the notation on the reverse of the one photograph originally confused the two people. Marion Brown roomed with  the family of Charles W. Creger, his wife, Edna M., and their children, Ralph W., Elizabeth M. and Ruth L. at their home located at 906 Thirteenth St. N.W., beginning on Sunday, March 28, 1920.  Marion's first day of work at the East Ohio Gas Co. office was the following day, Monday, 1920-03-29.  In the 1930 census, Almeda Miller was listed as age 57 and enumerated at 1261 Shorb Ave. NW, which appears immediately after 906 13th St. NW in the 1930 census listing.  Almeda Miller died at Canton, 04-NOV-1967 and was never married.
Almeda Miller-Short, 13th Street, Canton, Ohio, circa 1925

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1923 Graduating Class of the Canton Actual Business College.  Donald Erbland is in the center of the bottom row.  An image of his diploma is on the documents page.
1923 Graduating Class of the Canton Actual Business College

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This Amusement Park is probably Meyers Lake in Canton, Ohio.  The image is circa 1923. The extreme back row (L to R) is: Nina Morehead (nee Anirah Agnes Hayward) and her husband Sam Morehead.  The middle row (L to R) is: Kingsley Brown, Will L. Brown, Marion A. Brown, Ruth Kimble with little Ruth Morehead in front of her, Pauline R. Brown, and Bill Kolp holding little Hayward Morehead. The front row (L to R) is: Unknown man, unknown woman, Maude Brown (nee Jeffrey), unknown woman, and Terry W. Brown.  Nina Morehead was the daughter of Marion Alice Brown, who was Will L. Brown's sister.
Group at Amusement Park, circa 1923 - Includes the Brown's, Morehead's and others.
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"Bobby Teague / Sharpsville, Pa." is written on the back of this photo. Marion Erbland's address book also contained an entry  for "Mildred Teaque & Bobby" with an address on Ridge Ave. in Sharpsville, Pa.  The connection of this individual to the Brown family is unknown.

Bobby Feague Sharpsville, Pa.

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