Elisha Brown - Grandfather of Marion Brown

Eastern New York 'Roots'

Towns of :  Queensbury - Easton - Luzerne - Hadley
Counties of:  Warren - Washington - Charlotte - Saratoga - Dutchess

A Photographic Scrapbook Of Our Family History 

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(Page Last Updated:  2002-06-17 )

 (Page Last Updated:  2002-06-17 )

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  1. The Quaker Burying Ground

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The Quaker Burying Ground is located at the SW corner of Quaker Rd and Bay Rd in Queensbury, NY.   The bronze plaque and monument is located at position N43 19.9074' W73 39.1902' (WGS84 Datum).  Oral tradition has it that 75 people were buried here, including the town founder, Abram Wing, and his friends.  There are no markers nor known records of burials. It is thought possible that Benedick Brown is buried here. The sign is located at the NE corner of the Burying Ground, near the highway intersection.
Quaker Burying Gound Monument Sign at Quaker Burying Ground in Queensbury, NY

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