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Maud Belle Brown nee Jeffrey

Will Lincoln Brown
Matthew Elder Meek
Elisha Brown
Stephen Jeffrey

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Technical Note:  The images shown on this web site have all been scanned from family photographs.  Many of the original photographs are in sepia but have been presented here in greyscale or duotone in order to reduce the file sizes and hence download times.  The scans were mostly done at 1200 ppi which is the maximum optical resolution of my scanner.  These scans have been archived in Adobe PSD format.  The images on this site have been reduced in size ( generally 800 to 1200 pixel widths for full size images and 250 pixel width for thumbnails) and converted to jpeg for easier downloading.

Standard of Accuracy:  Although the information presented on this site is accurate to the best of our knowledge, we have made no attempt to meet the rigorous standards of proof required to document lineage for genealogical purposes.  That is why we describe our site as "A Photographic Scrapbook".  See the article, "Computerized Trolling" by Richard A. Pence, for some interesting comments on Web sites vis--vis genealogical standards.

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