Marion Arline Erbland nee Brown

Donald Erbland - Husband of Marion

Versailles Area
Cattaraugus & Southwestern Erie Counties, NY

A Photographic Scrapbook Of Our Family History

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Stephen Jeffrey
Eliza Brown nee Hills

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Elisha Brown's Family  

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Elisha Brown was the grandfather of Marion Erbland (nee Brown). Elisha (b.20-AUG-1817 in Luzern, Warren County NY, d. 25-AUG-1893 in Brant , Erie County, NY) was the son of Jonathan Brown and Anna Baker.  Jonathan was a Quaker from the Queensbury Meeting and Anna was a Quaker, originally from the Easton Meeting. Other children of Jonathan and Anna included: Susanna b. 20-DEC-1810, Reuben b. 13-JUN-1812, Simeon b. 15-FEB-1814, Levi b. 27-SEP-1815, Phoebe b. 29-JUN-1819, Huldeh b. 14-JUL-1822, Martha b. 25-JUN-1824, Nehemiah b. 28-JUL-1826 and Mary W. b. 22-SEP-1829. It is known that at least 3 of the Brown brothers, Elisha, Levi and Simeon were living in the Cattaraugus Creek area of Erie and Cattaraugus Counties by the late 1840s. Elisha married Eliza Hills on 10-OCT-1849.  Levi married Lydia Briggs.  Simeon married Arminda (surname unknown). According to public records, Elisha served as a Justice of the Peace and was a Town Supervisor. Brown family records indicate that Elisha also taught school and that he did not practice the traditional Quaker religion of his parents (Jonathan and Anna), although he did explore the spiritualist movement that attracted many Quakers in the Cattaraugus area during the second half of the 19th century.  He is also said to have occasionally attended spiritualist meetings at the location which is today known as Lily Dale. Marion Erbland (nee Brown) told me (that is, Mardon Erbland, Marion's son) that spiritualism was something that interested her grandfather, Elisha, and his family. Elisha is listed in The Year Book of Spiritualism for 1871 (LOC Control No: 11005299) as a healer.  According to the Religio-philosophical journal of September 30, 1871 (LOC Control No. 95650484), which re-printed the North Collins records for "The Sixteenth Annual Meeting of the Friends of Human Progress", Elisha Brown's brother, Levi Brown, was the "Chairman of the Business Committee" for the "Friends of Human Progress" at North Collins. (The word "Friends", as used in this context, comes from "The Society of Friends", that is, Quakers.)  The "Friends of Human Progress" was a Quaker off-shoot, established at the Collins Meeting in 1855, for the purpose of bringing spiritualist mediums into the Quaker Meeting at North Collins. From the mid-1860s until the mid-1880s, they met at a place known as "Tuckers Grove", which was located on N. Tucker's property in the North 1/2 of Section 11, Brant Twp. Beginning sometime in the 1880s, lasting until around 1920, Forest Temple on Sherman Ave, in North Collins became their meeting place. There are also references to meetings held at "Hemlock Hall" and "Hibbard Hall". While it is not certain, I believe that "Hemlock Hall" was located in "Tucker's Grove" in Brant and that "Hibbard Hall" was another name for the "Forest Temple" in North Collins.

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  1. Elisa Brown
  2. Elisha Brown, slightly older
  3. Levi Brown
  4. Lydia Brown ( nee Briggs)
  5. Marion Eliza Hills in group photo
  6. Uncle Z. Willis by Knights Gallery
  7. Marion Alice Brown - Daughter of Elisha and Marion Eliza
  8. The Hayward's - c1910
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Elisha Brown - Reverse side says "ELISHA BROWN, Father of Will L Brown, BORN - 8 20 1817 LUZERN, N.Y. REGISTER 123, DIED - 8 25 - 1893, PERRYSBURG NY, MARRIAGE TOWN OF PERRYSBURG". 
Elisha Brown

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Elisha Brown was born 1817-08-20 at Luzern, New York. Died 1893-08-25 at Brant, New York. Married Marion Eliza Hills on 1849-10-10.
Elisha Brown sitting

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Levi Brown was Elisha Brown's brother. Levi married Lydia Briggs. She was one of triplets. Levi and Lydia had three sons, Albert (died as an infant), George and Willis. Levi is the Uncle of Will Lincoln Brown. Levi is buried with his wife and sons at the Quaker Burying Ground in North Collins, NY. Levis was the "Marshal" (that is, census-taker) for the 1855 NY Census of Evans Twp., so it is his actual handwriting that appears on this census image of the page where his family is enumerated. His home and farm was in the SW 1/4 of Section 16 of that township.
Levi Brown - Elisha Brown's Brother
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Lydia Brown (nee Briggs) - Levi Brown was Elisha Brown's brother. Levi married this woman, Lydia Briggs. She was one of triplets. Levi and Lydia had three sons, Albert (died as an infant), George and Willis. Lydia is therefore the Aunt-by-marriage of Will Lincoln Brown. At some point, she lived in Angola, N.Y. She is buried at the Quaker Burying Ground in North Collins, along with her husband and sons.
Lydia Brown nee Briggs - wife of Levi Brown
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Marion Eliza Hills - This Image is printed on a postcard that was never sent. The reverse side of this image reads "Lower Right is Marion Eliza (Hill) Brown, GREAT GRANDMOTHER OF M.J. Erbland" Her Maiden Name is also spelled with an "s", as "Hills". She was born in Pomfret, Chautauqua County New York, 1832-11-02. She died November 1916 and is buried in Versailles Cemetery. She was married at Perrysburg on 1849-10-10 to Elisha Brown.
A group of women including Marion Eliza Hills
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Uncle Z. Willis - Zenas Willis was married to Mary Brown (Mary died 1899-01-12, probably in Buffalo), sister of Elisa Brown, thus making him the Uncle of Will L. Brown, mother of Marion Erbland (nee Brown), who had saved this picture.  The reverse side of this photo is marked "Uncle Z. Willis" twice, in two different handwritings.  The reverse is also marked with the logos of "Knights Gallery Cor. Main & Erie Sts. BUFFALO."
Uncle Z. Willis - Husband of Mary Brown
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Marion Alice Brown was one six children of Elisha Brown and Marion Eliza Hills and therefore the sister of Will L. Brown.  She married A. Jay Hayward on 22 Feb 1885.  She and Jay Hayward were the parents of five children, including  Nina Morehead (whose birth name was Anirah Anges Hayward).
Marion Alice Brown

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The Hayward's shown in this photo are the children of Marion Alice Brown and A. Jay Hayward. L to R are: Molly Record, Thurston Hayward, Nina Hayward, Daphne Towne (nee Record), Hazel Roberts (nee Hayward) and Walter Hayward. Thurston, Nina (actually Anirah Agnes), Hazel and Walter were all siblings, the children of A. Jay Hayward and Marion Alice Brown. Molly and Daphne were daughters of Nora Record (nee Hayward - Nora was A. Jay Hayward's sister), making Molly and Daphne1st cousins to the Hayward children. This photo is probably circa 1910, in Versailles, NY.  It came to us in the form of a photocopy from Jeanette Eileen Morehead, Nina's grand daughter. Jeanette died 3-APR-2003.
The Haywards, probably circa 1910 in Versailles, NY.

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