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Harry E. Linton - Father of Nora Emily Linton

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Summary of the European and English Roots

The English roots of the Brown family come via the "Jeffery line" from Kent County, England, including Coxheath, Wateringbury, Staplehurst and Brenchley.  The Erbland family roots extend into at least three countries: (1) in England, the "Linton line" comes from Sheffield (South), Yorkshire; (2) in France/Germany, the "Erbland line" comes from Alsace; and (3) in Switzerland the "Gerber line" comes from Canton Bernprobably including Fraubrunnen and Commune Oberlangenegg, District Thun.

The Brown family's "Jeffery line" comes from England. Stephen Jeffrey (b. 13-FEB-1827, d. 24-APR-1904 at Sunnyside, Washington, USA) came from near Coxheath.  Stephen's wife, Susan Terry, (b. 7-SEP-1831, d. 14-DEC-1892) came from Wateringbury. Stephen's mother, Mary Fairman, came from Staplehurst and his father, also named Stephen Jeffery, came from Brenchley.

The Erbland family's "Linton line" cames from Sheffield, England.  Harry (Henry) E. Linton (b.21-JUL-1853, d. 19-MAR-1930 at Pensacola, Florida, USA), came from Sheffield (South), Yorkshire (West Riding).  Harry's parents, William Linton (b. abt. 1815) and Ellen Brown (b. NOV-1815, d. 4-FEB-1901), also came from  Sheffield (South), as did Harry's siblings.

The Erbland's have Alsace roots. Auguste Erbland  (b. 16-Oct-1838; d. 20 Dec 1886 in Canton, Stark County, Ohio) perhaps came from the Sondersdorf area.  Sometime after Auguste moved to the U.S., the final "e" in Auguste was dropped. On 16-APR-1874, August married Annie Marie Gerber (b. 1855, d. 2-AUG-1934 at Canton, Ohio, USA) who came from Canton Bern, Switzerland.. (See below for further details regarding August Erbland.)  Annie (later called Anna) married twice more after August Erbland died.  See this PDF chart (17 MB download!) for details of the Erbland line in Alsace. 

The Erbland family's "Gerber Line" has Swiss roots. Annie Marie Gerber's father was Samuel Gerber, (b. 17-Aug-1825, d. 12-Oct-1886 in Canton, Stark County, Ohio, USA) who came from Switzerland, probably from Commune Oberlangenegg, District Thun, Canton Bern.  His wife, Anna Messer, (b. 30-Jul-1830; d. 11-Mar-1920  in Canton, Stark County, Ohio, USA) also came from Canton Bern, Switzerland, probably from Fraubrunnen. It is thought that Anna's father may have been Nicholas Messer. Samuel and Anna are thought to have been married in 1852 in Switzerland and they had at least six children: (1) John Gerber, b. 17 May 1852; d. 11 Jun 1892, married Mary F;  (2) Annie Marie Gerber, b. 1855, d. 2 Aug 1934, on 16 Apr 1874, married August Erbland; (3) Alice Gerber; (4) Anna Gerber, b. 25 Dec 1863, married Harley W Clemens; (5) Lucy Gerber married M. Phillip Geiger; and (6) Rosa Gerber who died at 2 years old.

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Auguste Erbland - Donald Erbland (August Erbland's grandson) passed the following oral tradition along to his children (Donald's children) about his grandfather. Obviously, Donald never knew August Erbland, since August died in 1886 and Donald was not born until 1906.

"August Erbland fought in the Franco-Prussian War on the French side. He was captured by the Germans and thrown into prison. When he got out of prison, he had a streak of white down through the center of his hair. He was Catholic when he came to New York, however, he never went to church again after he was told that he couldn't sit in a pew because someone else had 'rented it.' "

Given that the Franco-Prussian War was 1870-1871, and that the record of August's marriage is dated 16-APR-1874 in Canton, Ohio, it seems logical to conclude that August must have emigrated from Alsace to the U.S. between 1871 and 1874.

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