Marion Arline Erbland nee Brown

Donald Erbland - Husband of Marion

Versailles Area
Cattaraugus & Southwestern Erie Counties, NY

A Photographic Scrapbook Of Our Family History

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Stephen Jeffrey
Eliza Brown nee Hills

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The Jeffrey (Jeffery) Family

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  1. Eulice and Maude Jeffrey (brother and sister)
  2. Freidell - Charles F. Freidell by Klink, Dansville, N.Y.
  3. Jeffrey Porch - c.1906 Postcard with photo from 1877
  4. John Jeffrey, Stephen's brother
  5. Mary Jeffrey
  6. School Picture circa 1883
  7. Stephen Jeffrey
  8. Susanah Terry wife of Stephen Jeffrey and mother of Maude.
  9. Eulice Jeffery, Washington State, 1917
  10. Arthur S. Jeffrey, probably at Yakima County, Washington

Note:    For Lillian Jeffrey - See the Hawley Family
            For Maude Jeffrey - See the Will L Brown Family 

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Eulice and Maude Jeffrey - These were two of the eight children of Stephen Jeffrey (born 1826?-02-13 at Coxheath, Kent County, England - year may have been '27 or '30 rather than '26) and Susan Terry (born 1831-09-07 at Wateringbury, Kent County, England ).  The other six children were Lois, Martha, Mary Harriet, Lillian May, Ollie and Stephen.  Maude married Will L. Brown on 1893-12-18.  Maude and Will are my (Mardon Erbland's) maternal grandparents.  Maude was born 1872-10-21 in Versailles.  They lived in Versailles until 1905 when they moved to Lake-O-Springs, Ohio near what was then New Berlin (now North Canton).  The photograph is a tintype.
Eulice and Maude Jeffrey
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Charles F. Freidell - Age 7 months.  This is Steven Jeffrey's Brother's son.  The reverse of the card says, "Charles F. Freidell Age 7 Months, Merry Christmas
from Charlie, to Terry
" and "CHARLES F. FREIDELL  Steven Jeffrey's Brother's Son".  There is no explanation as to why the surname is "Freidell" if he is the son of Stephen Jeffrey's brother.
Charles F. Freidell - Age 7 months.
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The Jeffrey Porch - This is the porch of the Stephen Jeffrey home in Versailles, NY as it appeared in 1877.  This postcard was stored in an envelope given to Marsha Smith by her mother, Marion Arline Brown.  The ink writing on the card is Marion's.  The card was from Eulice Jeffrey to Mrs. W. L. Brown (nee Maude Jeffrey).  On the outside of the envelope, Marion Brown had written the following: 

"On the porch to the left Susan Jeffrey holding Eulice, Stephen Jeffrey with daughter Maud Jeffrey.
On porch at right - Mary Jeffrey and George Shearer.
Sitting on steps - Lillian Jeffrey and Will Hawley
Girl in back of them and boy at far right I do not know.  Probably their children who passed away at very young age.  I'm not sure of their names."

Note that the message on the postcard confirms that this card was mailed after the Will Brown family had moved to Ohio in 1905 but the photograph was taken years before and reproduced on the card from a tintype original. In fact this exact same image appears on page 6 of the "Jeffery Family Tree" document written by Clarice Ames (nee Jeffery).  The caption for this image in that document reads as follows:

"1877 - Home of Stephen and Susana Jeffrey - Versailles, New York. Mother Susana Terry Jeffrey, 46 years old, in chair holding their last child, Eulice Ray Jeffrey 2 years old. Father Stephen Jeffery, 47 years in chair, by his knee, Maude Belle Jeffrey 5 years old. Standing on the porch is Marry Harriet Jeffrey 18 years with her boy friend and future husband, George Melvin Shearer. Sitting alone on the porch is Ollie Jeffrey 15 years old, she died next year of diphtheria. Sitting on the steps is Lillian May Jeffrey 17 years, with her boy friend and future husband, Wilbur Burton Hawley. Standing by porch is Stephen Jeffrey 14 years, he died 5 years later of appendicitis."

Front porch of the Stephen Jeffrey home.
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John Jeffrey was Stephen Jeffry's brother and uncle of Maude Brown (nee Jeffrey).  The reverse of this photo says "John Jeffrey" and  "E.J. BETTS, Artistic Photographer, Galleries AT 121 and 137 Main Street, DANSVILLE, N.Y."
John Jeffrey
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Mary Jeffrey - This is Mary Shearer (nee Jeffrey). She was the daughter of Stephen Jeffrey and Susan Terry who had seven other children. Mary's sisters included Maude Belle, Lillian May, Lois, Martha, Mary Harriet. Her brothers were Ollie and Stephen. Mary married George Shearer. Mary and George had a daughter Ruth who married Wesley Weiser.
Mary Jeffrey
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Maude Belle Jeffrey's school picture circa 1883 - Maude is third from the right in the middle row.  The reverse side of this photo says, "SCHOOL PICTURE VERSAILLES N.Y. MAUDE BELLE JEFFREY THIRD FROM RIGHT = MIDDLE ROW APPROX. 1883".
Maude Belle Jeffrey's school picture circa 1883
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Stephen Jeffrey
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Susanne Terry was the wife of Stephen Jeffrey and mother of Maude Belle Jeffrey.  The reverse side of this photo reads: " SUSANNE TERRY, BORN SEPT. 7, 1831 WATERINGBURY KENT ENGLAND, DIED DEC. 14, 1892 - VERSAILLES, N.Y. CATTARAUGUS COUNTY, MARRIED STEPHEN JEFFREY, 1854 IN NEW YORK CITY, MOTHER OF MAUDE BELLE BROWN, GRANDMOTHER OF MARION A BROWN". In another handwriting it reads "Marion A. (Brown) Erbland said her mother told her Susanne, (Susannah), (Susan) (?) became cross-eyed when she fell in a bucket of water head first as a child."
Susanne Terry
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Eulice Ray Jeffery (b. 1-MAR-1875 at Versailles, NY and d. 11-AUG-1952 at San Diego, California) is the man on the right. He is the son of Stephen Jeffery and Susan (nee Terry). Two notations can be seen on the image. They read: "Jeff Photo" and "-AT- Wiley, WASH. -1917-".  The Reverse side of the source photo reads, "These are some last years pictures. Will send some new ones soon --- Jeff".  "Wiley" refers to Wiley City, Washington state, which is about 40 KMs NW of Sunnyside Washington, where Eulice was living at the time of this photo.
Eulice Jeffery, 1917 - Bird hunting at Wiley, Washington

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Arthur S. Jeffrey (b. 1899 at Versailles, NY) was the son of Eulice Ray Jeffery & Alta C. Lacey. This photo was probably taken in Yakima County, Washington, where Eulice and his family moved after leaving Versailles.
Arthur S. Jeffrey
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