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The Wooley Family  (Friends of W.L. Brown Family)

The Wooley family were friends of Will L. Brown and his family.  Clyde and Alta Wooley and their daughter Frances all appear in the 1920 Federal census.  At that time, they were enumerated in Chautauqua County, Jamestown City, Enumeration District #149.  The 1920 census sheet containing their names is dated 09-JAN-1920 and the following ages are shown:  Clyde: 50 years, Alta 50 years and Frances 24 years.  Frances is shown as being single in the 1920 census. They are listed as being on "Lakeview Ave." and "509" is listed in the house number column. Clyde's occupation is listed as "Manager" with an "Oil Co". According to information recorded in "The Longfellow Birthday Book" which was given to Will L. Brown on 22-SEP-1884, "Alta Wooly" [sic] was born on May 13th. The year is not noted.

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  1. Frances Wooley as a baby by B J Griswald
  2. Frances Wooley, as a young girl
  3. Frances Wooley as quite young girl by Smith studios.
  4. Frances Wooley as young girl, by Globe Photo Co.
  5. Frances Wooley probably teenager.
  6. The Wooley House in Gowanda.
  7. Clyde C. Wooley by The Camp Art Co.
  8. Clyde and Frances Wooley at house in Gowanda.

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Frances Wooley as a baby - Photograph by B J Griswald, Cheery Creek, N.Y. (c.1896)
Frances Wooley as a baby

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Frances Wooley - The reverse of this photograph says "Frances Wooley VERSAILLES N.Y.  FRIEND OF MR & MRS W.L. BROWN".  Frances was the daughter of Clyde and Alta Wooley.  According to other photographs, she later married an "Okerlin".
Frances Wooley as a young girl
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Frances Wooley as very young girl - The reverse of this photo graph indicated that it is Frances Wooley, Gowanda, N.Y., Jamestown N.Y.,   The frame says that it was taken at Smith studios, 448 Main St. Buffalo, N.Y.
Frances Wooley as very young girl

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Frances Wooley - On the reverse of this photograph is written "Frances Wolley Okerlin" and then, in newer writing is written, "Clyde and Alta Wooley's daughter."
Frances Wooley - Clyde and Alta Wooley's daughter
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Frances Wooley probably as teenager.  The cardboard holder indicates "GLOBE PHOTO CO. JAMESTOWN, N.Y."  According to the 1920 census, they were living in "Jamestown City" at the time of the 1920 census. (See above.)
Frances Wooley probably as teenager
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The Wooley House in Gowanda. -  The man on the porch appears to be Clyde Wooley but that is not for certain; nothing is marked on the photograph as to who it is.
Clyde Wooley House in Gowanda
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Clyde C. Wooley - Clyde and Alta Wooley were the parents of Frances.  They lived in Gowanda, NY and later in Jamestown, NY.   According to the logo on the photograph's '4 page', cardboard frame, this photograph was by "The Camp Art Co  Jamestown, N.Y."  In the 1880 census, the enumeration for Perrysburg shows family #78 in the enumeration sequence to be D.V. Wooly, age 40 (occupation "Farmer") and wife Anna R.,  age 30 [ Note: the wife's first name is very difficult to decipher from the handwriting in the 1880 census; her name may not be spelled exactly as "Anna"] and one child, a son, Clyde, age 10.  This information agrees with the 1920 census which shows Clyde's age as 50.
Clyde Wooley
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Clyde and Frances Wooley - The reverse of the photograph says "Clyde standing in the geraniums, Frances on porch".  Clyde was Frances's father.
Clyde and Frances Wooley
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